Goodbye YouTube, Hello DailyMotion

YouTube recently sent an email to small creators letting them know they have 30 days left to remain in the YouTube Partner Program (YPP).  Well, they did give us a chance.  We need to have a minimum of 1,000 subscribers and a minimum of 4,000 hours of watch time in a 12 month period.   Most small creators simply have no chance at all and unfortunately, YouTube doesn’t give a crap about it. Continue reading Goodbye YouTube, Hello DailyMotion

February Birding Pike County Arkansas; Migrating and Resident Species

bird american robin
An American robin checks it’s surroundings before scratching through wood chips

There’s another cold front on the way and this one is producing more snow and ice than the previous ones. I look out the window and spot a new species of bird thrashing through the leaves on the ground. It is an American robin and in the two years I’ve lived here I haven’t seen one of these before. I also notice two other species that are visiting for the first time, though I have not identified at time of writing this. I’ve only recently paid close attention to the different birds here, so I’m not sure how unique this visit is.

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Little Missouri Falls in Ouachita National Forest Arkansas

Lily and I decided to take a quick trip into the mountains during a 57 degree, sunny February day. The Little Missouri river is just a few miles away and an additional 10 mile drive upstream will put us at some of the area’s finest river and spring waters. The Little Missouri Falls is a decent waterfall, nothing huge but the water is clear-blue and very relaxing. Well, maybe better for a summer swim but Lily doesn’t care about temperature. I didn’t let her swim for too long in the cold water, but I thought it would be good to introduce her to the area while no one else was around. Plus, it was sunny outside and 57 degrees is almost hot compared to recent temperatures!

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YouTube 2018 Monetization Rules And How They Destroy Creators

In a nutshell, if you’re a small fish then you’re died, fried, and laid to the side.  If your account pays less than $10/month, then this February it’ll start to pay $0/month.  A channel is worthless unless you can gain 1,000 subscribers and maintain 4,000 hours of watch-time per year.  This is all in an effort to weed out “bad actors” as stated by YouTube. Continue reading YouTube 2018 Monetization Rules And How They Destroy Creators

A Bitter Cold Mid January

The Bombogenesis storm of last week may have packed the headlines but this week’s weather system was a few degrees colder. The pond refroze the night the storm blew in, after having thawed for a couple of days. It didn’t take much to get a layer of ice on the surface and the storm arrived with snow. The next day hovered at 32 degrees and a little bit of snow remained in areas shaded from sunlight. Continue reading A Bitter Cold Mid January

Red-Shouldered Hawk

This red-shouldered hawk frequents the pond area and the open meadows around it.  There are usually plenty of rabbits and snakes in the grass, and the pond holds crayfish, snakes, frogs and toads.  In spite of the ample opportunities, so far I’ve only managed to capture two clips of this bird.  It is very elusive and always spots me well before I spot it. Continue reading Red-Shouldered Hawk

Thanksgiving and the deer herd

Mid November and the herd is doing very well. The eight deer captured in one clip show a healthy group of doe and young deer. The bucks are roaming the area but rarely seem to pass in front of the camera.

There’s one clip, where it looks like a young deer is chasing a rabbit away, but I later realized that both were spooked and actually running from a potential threat.  The older deer faces the unknown and does a foot stomp to see if anything presents any noise again. Continue reading Thanksgiving and the deer herd

Canoe Fishing: White Bass

A few weeks ago I was catching Kentucky bass, now it looks like white bass are in the area. I’m not sure if they are moving around or if I’m just now hooking them. But schools are thrashing the water and right now they seem to be in control of the area. I landed one that was a little bit over 16 inches. A nice hefty fish that made me utter “steaks” while I was cleaning it, rather than “fillets”. I wish I could have landed that second one. I learned that I should have cast again immediately into that school, rather than waste time putting the first on the stringer.

Thirsty Speckled King Snake

I spotted one of my resident king snakes during a sunny and warm October day. This is the small one and it looks to be growing fast. I hadn’t seen it for most of the summer and I was beginning to wonder if the large one might have eaten it. I googled and googled but couldn’t find any information as to whether this type of snake will eat it’s own kind. I was relieved to spot it the other day and I snapped a pic of it, then wondered if it might be thirsty.
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