Canoe Fishing: White Bass

A few weeks ago I was catching Kentucky bass, now it looks like white bass are in the area. I’m not sure if they are moving around or if I’m just now hooking them. But schools are thrashing the water and right now they seem to be in control of the area. I landed one that was a little bit over 16 inches. A nice hefty fish that made me utter “steaks” while I was cleaning it, rather than “fillets”. I wish I could have landed that second one. I learned that I should have cast again immediately into that school, rather than waste time putting the first on the stringer.

Thirsty Speckled King Snake

I spotted one of my resident king snakes during a sunny and warm October day. This is the small one and it looks to be growing fast. I had not seen it for most of the summer and I was beginning to wonder if the large one might have eaten it. I googled and googled but couldn’t find any information as to whether this type of snake will eat it’s own kind. Needless to say, I was relieved to spot it the other day and I snapped a pic of it.

I had recently watched a video on YouTube of an Indian man giving a king cobra a drink from a water bottle. The snake had wandered into a small village and apparently they knew that during a time of drought, thirsty snakes could venture into villages seeking a drink. Not that they know someone will hand it to them, but obviously they sense water in the area. Since we’ve had almost no rain in quite some time, I decided I should check if my favorite little salt-and-pepper was thirsty.

I returned with some water in a bucket and as I approached the snake, it also approached me. In contrast, when I first saw it and came closer to capture a photo, it wasn’t interested and stuck it’s head under some leaves as if to hide. I hadn’t even started pouring the water on the concrete and it’s head was already raised up to accept it. At that point I decided to use my phone to make a short clip, but it kept drinking and drinking. I decided to continue with more video and even had to return to the spigot for another splash of water to pour out.

Needless to say, I love my speckled king snakes. I couldn’t find the big one on that day, but I have seen it leave the house area and head toward the pond. It’s a full grown adult, so I’m not too worried about that one. Needless to say, I have absolutely no rodents around the house and I don’t worry about any other snake in the immediate area because I know my salt & peppers will chomp it right quick.

Wade Fishing, More Kentucky Bass!

The bass are still hitting in the shallows. I walk my dog to the lake, pretty much every day, so I figure I might as well drop a line in the water and catch some dinner. I didn’t bring the canoe and I wasn’t having any luck from shore, so I met the fish halfway. The water is still warm but the air is getting cooler. Once again, I have my best luck after sunset. I’ll work on getting my headgear arranged with lights so the scene won’t be so dark, but it’s light enough to see some action on this video. I caught three and released one. When I caught the 16″ bass, I thought about letting the 13″ go but decided I was hungry and I don’t know when they will stop hitting. Gotta get ’em while the gettin’ is good.

Canoe Fishing For Kentucky Bass

For the past couple of weeks, Kentucky bass have been hitting top water lure hard at sunset! Of course, the moment I decided to mount the GoPro on my grandad’s old hardhat, I’ve only managed to land one per sunset. It’s been very warm and Lake Greeson is pretty low right now. I’ve managed decent fishing from shore and from the canoe.

One of my favorite spots is a large area over rocks, which is about 1 foot deep right now. It’s great for the canoe, which allows me into an area the big boats can’t get too. I caught a 15″ Kentucky bass and that’s when I decided I need to be getting some video! Unfortunately, I haven’t pulled another one like that out of the water yet, but I’m still getting hits every time at about sunset and even into dark. And I’ll keep shooting video of my adventures.

Here’s a quick video of some paddling around, a few casts and then I get a hit right at the boat. This is along the bank of a small island, which is also easily fished from shore. But the canoe is just fun to paddle around in and it’s an easy trek back and forth from home.

A cold front just blew through, and while temps will still be up to almost 80 for the next several days, the nights are going to be in the 40’s. I don’t know what to expect from these black bass, but I sure hope they stick around the shallows a bit longer.

Crested Caracaras Mating

A crested caracara bird has an eventful afternoon.  It starts off with a lonely, yet firm stance on a gravel patch along the Laguna Madre bay area.  I slowly walk closer to the bird and it stays in place, posing very still for a crisp photograph.  I slowly leave and then a neighborhood cat comes around to investigate this brazen bird.  The bird moves just a little to face toward the feline, ready to strike and reverse any plans the cat may have.  A male caracara swoops in to send the cat running, and lands next to the stoic female.  Even though they look identical, sexing them becomes extremely obvious, even from a distance.

First Annual Outlaws Smokin’ and Strokin’ on Lake Greeson

The sounds of boat motors on Lake Greeson and thunder on the horizon are pretty common in this part of Arkansas.  But this past Saturday a special crew of boaters gathered at the lake and brought their high performance versions of thunderous boat motors!  They were warmly invited by the local community, permitted by the Army Corps of Engineers, and the area was safety checked by Arkansas Game and Fish Commission.  Lots of local businesses pitched in to make it all happen, and then everyone held their breath a little hoping the event would go off without a hitch.


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Infrequently Answered Questions: Trail Cam Browning Strike Force Sub Micro 10MP BTC-5HD

There are a few questions that I still have about not only trail and game cams in general, but specifically the one I decided to purchase.  The Browning Trail Camera Sub-Micro Strike Force 10MP BTC-5HD.  I’ll eventually figure out most of the answers and will post updates.  Following below are what must apparently be some Infrequently Answered Questions.

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