Yellow Rumped Warbler

This little bird, a yellow rumped warbler, made these cedar tree berries seem like a pretty big meal.  I was a little surprised that it was able to swallow the berries.  It did seem to take it’s time, especially compared to the waxwing birds that were also feeding. Continue reading Yellow Rumped Warbler

Cedar Waxwings Eating Cedar Tree Berries

Right around Thanksgiving, a large group of Cedar Waxwings, and a few other birds, decided the berries on this tree were ripe and ready.  There were plenty of berries to go around, but not enough space for all the birds at once.  They would take turns visiting the cedar tree for a meal, with the bulk of the flock waiting in a nearby oak tree.



Shooting A Movie Scene In Michoacan

Then there was that time someone shot a big-budget movie scene, at this isolated beach in Mexico.  This little beach pueblo, nestled at the base of the gnar mountains of Michoacan, was once a secret spot for risk-taking surfers.  But after a couple decades, as the sport rose in popularity, the crowds eventually hit hard and the once sleepy pueblo started popping.  So much so, that watching a crew set up to shoot a scene here seemed sadly normal for the times.

Walking to the pueblo, a surfer checks out some of the lighting equipment.
A couple tourists, hanging at their campsite and about to watch the show.
I’m just about to get a talking to, from the director. No worries, no flash!
Apolinar was stoked, and had rented all his camp sites at once!
Rolling, and rolling…
The leading lady, doing a light check.
“I’ll gladly give you surf lessons tomorrow, for a kiss tonight.” Haha, nah I have no idea…

Breaking Open The Shoe Box Photos

It’s been 8 years since I traveled and surfed mainland Mexico.  Back then, I took so many photos and concentrated on getting those pics to the surfers, as well as, that I wound up with a ton of outtakes.  I always pushed forward and just stashed them all on back up discs.  Now, after all those years, I’ve decided to spend some time weaving those old pics onto this site.  I don’t have much of an outline, so I’m just gonna blog it out!

I might as well start with my favorite wave and place.  The vibe and local crew here was never anything but pure surf and love.

Jorge, slotted and looking for more shade.
Flaco isn’t one to just kick out at the end of the line.

Some run the gauntlet, and others like Adan thread the needle.