Aquarena Springs in San Marcos, Tx.

Kate tosses spring water under a canopy of trees.
Kate tosses spring water under a canopy of trees.

Not very well hidden, in a small college town centered in Texas, there’s a bit of spring water that will knock your aqua socks off!  The area here, and in New Braunfels, gets more rainfall than most of the rest of Texas and it shows.  The clear spring water from Aquarena Springs flows generously and chilled waterfalls dot the way.

striking a pose at Aquarena Springs...

Katya and I paid a visit to the area during a hot Labor Day afternoon.  It was a partly cloudy day and the water got chilly fast, when the sun dipped below the trees.  Considering the holiday weekend, but factoring in the small size of San Marcos, it was a comfortable sized crowd that gathered.


The sign says, no alcohol, but we weren’t alone in cracking open a few beers.  Keeping the area clean and safe comes first.  With some careful planning, accommodations can be made to skirt any hassles.  Both, the law and from a guilty conscience.  Think smart, and you deserve a beer while soaking your feet in the spring water.


Barton Springs Pool

0806I-009Now first off, be careful because”this area is a federally protected natural habitat”! That’s what the lifeguard barked out. No, he didn’t direct that info to me, but might as well have been.  We’ve always known the cold-water springs to be the home of a rare salamander, but I thought that was just along the west wall, which is roped off for the salamanders.  I didn’t think it applied to the whole pool and included picking up rocks while diving around.  And yeah, there’s some cool stuff down there! Continue reading Barton Springs Pool