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Little Missouri Falls in Ouachita National Forest Arkansas

Lily and I decided to take a quick trip into the mountains during a 57 degree, sunny February day. The Little Missouri river is just a few miles away and an additional 10 mile drive upstream will put us at some of the area’s finest river and spring waters. The Little Missouri Falls is a decent waterfall, nothing huge but the water is clear-blue and very relaxing. Well, maybe better for a summer swim but Lily doesn’t care about temperature. I didn’t let her swim for too long in the cold water, but I thought it would be good to introduce her to the area while no one else was around. Plus, it was sunny outside and 57 degrees is almost hot compared to recent temperatures!

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Enchanted Rock, Day Trip From Austin.

0529K 001If you can deal with the price of today’s gasoline, pack up your car with hiking supplies and head out west!  Or better yet, take the motorcycle through the winding roads of the hillcountry of Austin.  However you get there, walking on top of Enchanted Rock is a must for at least one time.  Some of us fall in love with the place and return to visit at least a handful of times.  Even if the trips are years apart from each other, when you arrive again you will see that the giant hill of granite has not changed an inch and is just like you left it last. Continue reading Enchanted Rock, Day Trip From Austin.