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Canoe Fishing For Kentucky Bass

Here’s a quick video of some paddling around, a few casts and then I get a hit right at the boat. This is along the bank of a small island, which is also easily fished from shore. But the canoe is just fun to paddle around in and it’s an easy trek back and forth from home. Continue reading Canoe Fishing For Kentucky Bass

Fishing for Carp in Lake Austin

Two carp on the banks of Town Lake, but one guy ran from posing for the photo because there was yet another fish on!

Riding along the hike/bike trail around Town Lake, I came across some guys with a lot of fishing gear spread out on the bank.  Complete with two weigh stations, this crew looked like they were after some mysterious Loch Ness type beast.  Within a few minutes, the guys became excited as two of their fishing poles bent with promise.

They reeled in two huge carp and before they could weigh the second and pose for a photo, another pole began to show action.  It was almost sunset on a regular Saturday afternoon, with a concert underway on the other side of the river at Auditorium Shores, and this group of fishermen were gathering lots of attention as people wowed at the size of these fish they were catching!

I’m pretty sure they were only fishing for sport, or just to show people what’s in the water.  I didn’t ask them because they were very busy at the time with what seemed like a feeding frenzy around their hooks.