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Big Sur Nephrite Jade

Hand polished California Nephrite Jade

After 6 months in California, I returned with jade fever and a nice haul. I spent a good portion of 3 months hunting along the coastline of Big Sur. I first went to Big Sur for the photo opportunities but crawled back up the cliff with a nice ocean polished stone.  I did some research online but ultimately it was meeting a couple local hunters that verified my find.  I was hooked!  Not just excited to find the jade but the adventure that surrounds it.  It’s definitely a small slice of wild frontier lifestyle, hunting for jade at the last edge of tide-line between cliffs and raging winter surf. I’ve always frequented areas like this, but I’m usually hunting for waves and photos.. It became a magical experience and one that I’ll treasure forever.

I like the idea of hand polishing, instead of tumbling, because I can keep a great amount of character these stones have. Not all of the stones I found were smooth from consistent ocean tumble. Some were found lodged in crevices and some I had to swim for. It’s the unique character and patina of each stone that I enjoy the most, but it’s jade and wants to show off a little shine too.

Each piece was found with a true sense of adventure and carefully worked by hand to produce the necklaces I have for sale.  Some items are listed below, but be sure to check all of my items for sale on Ebay.



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