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Big Sur Nephrite Jade

Hand polished California Nephrite Jade

After 6 months in California, I returned with jade fever and a nice haul. I spent a good portion of 3 months hunting along the coastline of Big Sur. I first went to Big Sur for the photo opportunities but crawled back up the cliff with a nice ocean polished stone.  I did some research online but ultimately it was meeting a couple local hunters that verified my find.  I was hooked!  Not just excited to find the jade but the adventure that surrounds it.  It’s definitely a small slice of wild frontier lifestyle, hunting for jade at the last edge of tide-line between cliffs and raging winter surf. I’ve always frequented areas like this, but I’m usually hunting for waves and photos.. It became a magical experience and one that I’ll treasure forever.

I like the idea of hand polishing, instead of tumbling, because I can keep a great amount of character these stones have. Not all of the stones I found were smooth from consistent ocean tumble. Some were found lodged in crevices and some I had to swim for. It’s the unique character and patina of each stone that I enjoy the most, but it’s jade and wants to show off a little shine too.

Each piece was found with a true sense of adventure and carefully worked by hand to produce the necklaces I have for sale.  Some items are listed below, but be sure to check all of my items for sale on Ebay.



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Random Encounters in Mexico: Sepp Bruhwiler and Shannon Brown.

Woke up and found the morning lineup had some fresh people out.  You never know who filters in during the night.  Well, you used to back when it was a small, concentrated camp area.  But also back in the day no one took the mountain road at night, but I digress.  I see someone new out there laying hard tail turns and surfing hard on the back foot.  Powerful and buckets on head high waves. Continue reading Random Encounters in Mexico: Sepp Bruhwiler and Shannon Brown.