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February Birding Pike County Arkansas; Migrating and Resident Species

bird american robin
An American robin checks it’s surroundings before scratching through wood chips

There’s another cold front on the way and this one is producing more snow and ice than the previous ones. I look out the window and spot a new species of bird thrashing through the leaves on the ground. It is an American robin and in the two years I’ve lived here I haven’t seen one of these before. I also notice two other species that are visiting for the first time, though I have not identified at time of writing this. I’ve only recently paid close attention to the different birds here, so I’m not sure how unique this visit is.

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Cedar Waxwings Eating Cedar Tree Berries

Right around Thanksgiving, a large group of migrating cedar waxwings, and a few other birds, decided the berries on this tree were ripe and ready.  There were plenty of berries to go around but not enough space for all the birds at once.  They would take turns visiting the cedar tree for a meal, while the bulk of the flock waited in a nearby oak tree.

These birds are very considerate to each other and have been known to form chains and pass berries along.  When the flock is larger than the tree, cooperation is the key!