Breaking Open The Shoe Box Photos

It’s been 8 years since I traveled and surfed mainland Mexico.  Back then, I took so many photos and concentrated on getting those pics to the surfers, as well as, that I wound up with a ton of outtakes.  I always pushed forward and just stashed them all on back up discs.  Now, after all those years, I’ve decided to spend some time weaving those old pics onto this site. Continue reading Breaking Open The Shoe Box Photos

Landscapes and Seascapes of Big Sur California

(A work in progress) Here are some of my favorite Photo Galleries and Video Clips taken during my stay in Big Sur California.


Monarchs and Crow

Here’s a gallery of images from a monarch habitat in Santa Cruz.  Located within a small forest of eucalyptus trees, on the edge of the Pacific Ocean, this city park is a treasure for the butterflies and their admirers.  Also in this gallery, is a rare event of crows having a feast on the lofty suntanning insects.

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Predators usually leave the monarch off their menu.  Because of the insect’s diet on milkweed, which is toxic to birds, it gets an edge on survival and is typically left alone.  But for some reason, not on this day.  Either this group of crow has not had the pleasure of getting sick from eating monarchs, or these monarchs didn’t get enough milkweed in their early stages of life.

Smashing Waves in Santa Cruz

When the swells come crashing into the cliffs at Santa Cruz, the spectacle is best observed from a safe distance.  If there’s bits of kelp, and the area is soaking wet, then it’s not a good place to be standing!



Winter Rain and Bull Creek

After 2 1/2 days of cold rain and dark skies, a dry line passed over Austin friday afternoon. Saturday morning snapped open like a crisp, sunny Texas winter day.  With blue skies and temps quickly climbing through the 50’s.  The weekend was off to a great start and people were getting out, after being rained in for a few days. Continue reading Winter Rain and Bull Creek

Mule shoe Bend Recreation Area

0117O-004 It’s been about 15 years since I’ve visited Mule Shoe Bend. I used to break up a monotonous work week, of any random long summer day, and zip through the hill country in my Honda coupe right after work to drop a line in the water for some catch and release fishing. I had found a hotbed of some kind of inedible bass that were a blast to catch.  It was a favorite getaway, from a summer years ago and I wasn’t expecting a return trip to compare. Continue reading Mule shoe Bend Recreation Area