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Big Sur Nephrite Jade

Hand polished California Nephrite Jade

After 6 months in California, I returned with jade fever and a nice haul. I spent a good portion of 3 months hunting along the coastline of Big Sur. I first went to Big Sur for the photo opportunities but crawled back up the cliff with a nice ocean polished stone.  I did some research online but ultimately it was meeting a couple local hunters that verified my find.  I was hooked!  Not just excited to find the jade but the adventure that surrounds it.  It’s definitely a small slice of wild frontier lifestyle, hunting for jade at the last edge of tide-line between cliffs and raging winter surf. I’ve always frequented areas like this, but I’m usually hunting for waves and photos.. It became a magical experience and one that I’ll treasure forever.

I like the idea of hand polishing, instead of tumbling, because I can keep a great amount of character these stones have. Not all of the stones I found were smooth from consistent ocean tumble. Some were found lodged in crevices and some I had to swim for. It’s the unique character and patina of each stone that I enjoy the most, but it’s jade and wants to show off a little shine too.

Each piece was found with a true sense of adventure and carefully worked by hand to produce the necklaces I have for sale.  Some items are listed below, but be sure to check all of my items for sale on Ebay.



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Breaking Open The Shoe Box Photos

It’s been 8 years since I traveled and surfed mainland Mexico.  Back then, I took so many photos and concentrated on getting those pics to the surfers, as well as, that I wound up with a ton of outtakes.  I always pushed forward and just stashed them all on back up discs.  Now, after all those years, I’ve decided to spend some time weaving those old pics onto this site. Continue reading Breaking Open The Shoe Box Photos

Landscapes and Seascapes of Big Sur California

(A work in progress) Here are some of my favorite Photo Galleries and Video Clips taken during my stay in Big Sur California.


Pacific Surf Crashing Onto Lighthouse Point

Video taken at Santa Cruz Lighthouse point, several hours after an angry winter storm passed through and skies cleared. The swell peaked during the night, leaving kelp spread across west cliff drive and fresh erosion along the battered edge. Here’s a couple clips of some long period set waves smashing onto the point and throwing waterfalls over the side.

See also the photo gallery below.  This is a wave beaten area, during winter storms, and can pump the air full of salty mist and foam.   It also gets a fair share of rain with these storms so when the sky clears and the ocean is still angry, it’s an eventful site as the rage slowly subsides.



Surfing: Is The Glass Half Empty Or All Day?

Flying gull!

How’s it go?  Silver lining to every dark cloud?  What about dark clouds for five or six days?  And rain dumping for 18 out of every 24 hours?  And flash floods at least once a day, because the ground is already soaked from a tropical storm last week.  Is there a silver lining, if you can’t see the sun for a week?

Well, most people would have been satisfied to just be able to walk outside without a storm and needing an umbrella.  Everyone enjoyed the lower temperatures, since the sun had a break from cooking dirt for a few days.  But a small group at the coast was seeing the brightest part of the silver lining.  The surfers were stoked! Continue reading Surfing: Is The Glass Half Empty Or All Day?

Surf Session: South Padre, Sept. 17-18th, 2010

Wave police check the action in the surf zone.

We are nearing the end of the season for tropical storms, and after watching the East Coast score back to back swell, I started to think of the gulf as a barren womb.  All of us were denied at the beginning of the season, but the Atlantic seems to have turned into a whore that births hurricanes twice a week.  All of them hooking a right turn and staying offshore and not making landfall.  The perfect storm for one gets hurt and everyone scores swell.

But the tropics have been sleepy for the small sandspit in south Texas.  Well, until last week that is… Continue reading Surf Session: South Padre, Sept. 17-18th, 2010

Surfing: Session @ South Padre 4/18

Photo Gallery
After an eight-day week of SE swell, the winds finally turned to clean up the mess on Sunday morning. A cool front worked it’s way down to the South Padre area in the morning and early risers scored the best conditions under a light NW breeze.  The size was on it’s way down fast, but those last two hours of glassy conditions are pretty much what many surfers around here wait for.


The outside sand bar was still working in the morning, where all the action had been in the previous days, but as the size went down on Sunday it became less consistent and headed for a shutdown.  There was a handful of surfers out there, but most of the line up was nabbing waist-chest high thumpers on the inside.  Jalufka scored a killer little barrel around mid-morning.   Check out the entire sequence of Justin’s cover up as an animated .gif file.  Click Here.



Surfing: Session @ South Padre Island 4/17

Words and Photos by Chuck Turkington
Well, it’s been awhile since I surfed, so that’s pretty much what I did, instead of taking photos. I took Brent’s advice and paddled out along the rocks, and rode the rip current to the outside. Without a board, that fast track out to sea would be deadly. But for a 5-7 foot swell breaking on the outside, the rip at the jetties is the quickest way to the line up.

I don’t think I caught the swell at it’s peak, and it was dropping fast, but I saw some fun waves and managed to grab a couple.I did manage to take a few photos in the early evening. Not many people were still surfing, but I saw Carlos and Tim catch a couple. They’ve got good style, so I was stoked to see them through the lens.


Tim Scott...