First Annual Outlaws Smokin’ and Strokin’ on Lake Greeson

The sounds of boat motors on Lake Greeson and thunder on the horizon are pretty common in this part of Arkansas.  But this past Saturday a special crew of boaters gathered at the lake and brought their high performance versions of thunderous boat motors!  They were warmly invited by the local community, permitted by the Army Corps of Engineers, and the area was safety checked by Arkansas Game and Fish Commission.  Lots of local businesses pitched in to make it all happen, and then everyone held their breath a little hoping the event would go off without a hitch.


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Eeyore’s Birthday Party 2013

What can I say? it’s spring in Austin!  Well, it’s spring by calendar date but the thermometer in central Texas doesn’t synch up very well…it’s freakin hot already and has been.  But hey, there’s a thousand costumed people drinking and dancing to drums in Pease Park.  So get colorful, turn on and come help celebrate the little emo donkey’s birthday.

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2013 Lonestar Roundup Rod and Kustom Car Show

0402K-420The yearly take over of classic cars, hot rods and rat rods.  The streets in south Austin are rumbling!  Each year the world’s best custom cars, and other restored and modified gas powered creations, travel to the southern state of Texas.  It has got to be the best hot rod show on earth!

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Eeyore’s Birthday Party 2012

Body Painted Spring Eeyore’s

Is it a pagan ritual?  Is it Mardis Gras?  What is this flamboyant, sexy vibe thing happening in the park?  Why are all these people in costumes dancing around drum circles?  It looks like a dang hippy party!  What’s that?, oh, it is a hippy party.

There’s always several drum circles and scantly clad or nude girls dancing about.  Most are dressed or painted as forest nymphs.  These must be the characters that have the best chance of cheering up Eeyore!  Without them, the energy wouldn’t make it to the level that makes this celebration so unique. Continue reading Eeyore’s Birthday Party 2012

12th Annual Lonestar Rod & Kustom Roundup In Austin, Texas

0414L-058It’s not uncommon to see vintage and custom cars driving around Austin, particularly on south Congress.  They rumble onto the scene and somehow always score a great parking spot. But every year, the local scene is handed over to tons of vintage steel. The schedule for this event hardly need be checked in on, because it’s an obvious site. If you venture to any of the downtown streets, you’ll notice increased number of vintage cars and trucks.

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Sixth Street Halloween Parade, Austin 2011

Gather the goblins and get to 6th street in Austin!  It’s All Hallows Eve and it’s your chance to put together a costume creative enough that people ask you for a photo!  But be mindful, if your costume is over the top, you may find yourself unable to actually make your way down the street.  The crowd wil stop you in your tracks!

Frankenberry and Egyptian royalty, just part of the creative madness you can find on sixth street during Halloween!

Eeyore’s Birthday Party 2011

0430K 087Another great party for the little emo donkey.  Every year, on the last Saturday of April, the Friends of the Forest gather in Pease Park.  It’s a giant costume party with fun games in the open field area, and drum circles under the hillside tree canopy.  It’s a tradition that began years ago, but has become like many of Austin’s festivals…crowded and off the hook!

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