Little Missouri Falls in Ouachita National Forest Arkansas

Lily and I decided to take a quick trip into the mountains during a 57 degree, sunny February day. The Little Missouri river is just a few miles away and an additional 10 mile drive upstream will put us at some of the area’s finest river and spring waters. The Little Missouri Falls is a decent waterfall, nothing huge but the water is clear-blue and very relaxing. Well, maybe better for a summer swim but Lily doesn’t care about temperature. I didn’t let her swim for too long in the cold water, but I thought it would be good to introduce her to the area while no one else was around. Plus, it was sunny outside and 57 degrees is almost hot compared to recent temperatures!

Video starts with a fast motion drive for 8 miles along a narrow dirt road. It is a dry winter forest, with only pine trees and a few other conifers showing any green. The oaks and other deciduous are just bare limbs right now. Arriving at the park and of course it’s empty! Lily and I hike to the falls and she jumps right in. Lily swims her laps and I climb around on some rocks and shoot additional video with a DSLR.

There are a lot of other places to stop and chill along this stretch of the Little Missouri river, where it runs through the Ouachita National Forest in Arkansas. Camping is allowed, but you must be aware and alert of rainfall and weather conditions. Flash floods do happen and can lead to tragedy for those that are unaware of rainfall in the mountains. Oh, and there are bears and could be a cat or two but encounters are extremely rare. Always be aware of your surroundings and keep updated on weather conditions.

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