February Birding Pike County Arkansas; Migrating and Resident Species

bird american robin
An American robin checks it’s surroundings before scratching through wood chips

There’s another cold front on the way and this one is producing more snow and ice than the previous ones. I look out the window and spot a new species of bird thrashing through the leaves on the ground. It is an American robin and in the two years I’ve lived here I haven’t seen one of these before. I also notice two other species that are visiting for the first time, though I have not identified at time of writing this. I’ve only recently paid close attention to the different birds here, so I’m not sure how unique this visit is.

Today I spot a few robins through the window aggressively tearing up the yard, seemingly unaware of a wood chopping area. I have been chopping a lot of firewood this winter and some resident birds will gather at the sound of the axe. It’s time to prepare more wood for today’s heating, so I grab the axe and head outside. As soon as I open the back door the robins take flight and appear to leave the area.


However, some of the resident birds begin to gather  when I start splitting wood. Some of the logs are half-rotten and have insects that the birds are looking for. When I finish chopping, I only bring a couple pieces inside. As soon as I close the back door the noisy birds descend from the trees and pick through the freshly split timber. The robins must have heard the chatter because they quickly return and join in.

Eastern bluebird perched during a drizzly February day.

I have the window open and am already set in position with the camera. I know the robins will be skittish if they see movement, whereas the resident birds are already used to it. It is a dark and drizzly day and getting crisp well-lit photos is challenging. You can see some water droplets in a few of the images. Unfortunately there is one species that I did not manage to capture a good picture of. I will keep an eye out and hopefully have another chance.

I wonder if these new arrivals are fleeing this upcoming cold front, or is it possible some are already heading north since temperatures are soon to be on the rise? In any case, it was the first time I’ve photographed a robin. They are larger than I expected and probably the most aggressive when it comes to throwing leaves and debris around looking for snacks that are sheltering underneath. I hope to see them again and I’ll be sure to blog about and I’ll shoot video next time.

Unkown..comment if you know!


I’m not sure what kind of thrush this is..leave a comment if you know!

A common resident white-throated sparrow

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    1. Thank you very much! I’m so glad you took the time to comment and share your instagram link. I really like all the photos, especially the one with cat claws. Very well done!

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