A Bitter Cold Mid January

The Bombogenesis storm of last week may have packed the headlines but this week’s weather system was a few degrees colder. The pond refroze the night the storm blew in, after having thawed for a couple of days. It didn’t take much to get a layer of ice on the surface and the storm arrived with snow. The next day hovered at 32 degrees and a little bit of snow remained in areas shaded from sunlight.

Lily is not too happy about a frozen pond, but she knows she might get a chance at the lake.  Today was sunny enough that even though temps were just above freezing, it was as good a day as any to let the dog do what she loves best..jump in the lake!

I let her swim for about 5 minutes, then called her out of the frigid water,  After a roll in a dry grass meadow, warm with the sun, we hiked back to the fireplace at the house.  Once she was settled in, I went back to capture some sound of rocks skipping across the frozen pond.  It’s just something I stumbled across and thought I’d share.

2 thoughts on “A Bitter Cold Mid January”

    1. I’ll keep making video clips and hope the YouTube accounts get over the 1,000 mark. But I’m also comparing other video hosting sites, at the moment. I’m glad you enjoy the clips! They will continue to be a part of the blog, one way or another!

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