Red-Shouldered Hawk

This red-shouldered hawk frequents the pond area and the open meadows around it.  There are usually plenty of rabbits and snakes in the grass, and the pond holds crayfish, snakes, frogs and toads.  In spite of the ample opportunities, so far I’ve only managed to capture two clips of this bird.  It is very elusive and always spots me well before I spot it.

The first clip is video from a motion triggered game camera.  The camera has a slight delay and by the time it activated the bird had landed on a branch and was wagging it’s tail feathers as it settled in.  There is a small stream below the hawk, and my guess is it’s hunting for crayfish and frogs.  The camera didn’t capture any additional footage.

The next clip is from a surprise event I saw through the window and I was barely able to capture with camera.   I’m not sure what it is preying on, but the bird definitely won the battle.

I expect to see more of this bird, it is a resident and I’ll post additional photos and information on this page.  I’ll need to get creative and sneaky because this bird is very elusive.  The only time I spot it is out of the corner of my eye as it’s flying away.

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