Canoe Fishing For Kentucky Bass

Here’s a quick video of some paddling around, a few casts and then I get a hit right at the boat. This is along the bank of a small island, which is also easily fished from shore. But the canoe is just fun to paddle around in and it’s an easy trek back and forth from home.

For the past couple of weeks, Kentucky bass have been hitting top water lure hard at sunset! Of course, the moment I decided to mount the GoPro on my grandad’s old hardhat, I’ve only managed to land one per sunset. It’s been very warm and Lake Greeson is pretty low right now. I’ve managed decent fishing from shore and from the canoe.

One of my favorite spots is a large area over rocks, which is about 1 foot deep right now. It’s great for the canoe, which allows me into an area the big boats can’t get too. I caught a 15″ Kentucky bass and that’s when I decided I need to be getting some video! Unfortunately, I haven’t pulled another one like that out of the water yet, but I’m still getting hits every time at about sunset and even into dark. And I’ll keep shooting video of my adventures.

A cold front just blew through, and while temps will still be up to almost 80 for the next several days, the nights are going to be in the 40’s. I don’t know what to expect from these black bass, but I sure hope they stick around the shallows a bit longer.

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