Infrequently Answered Questions: Trail Cam Browning Strike Force Sub Micro 10MP BTC-5HD

There are a few questions that I still have about not only trail and game cams in general, but specifically the one I decided to purchase.  The Browning Trail Camera Sub-Micro Strike Force 10MP BTC-5HD.  I’ll eventually figure out most of the answers and will post updates.  Following below are what must apparently be some Infrequently Answered Questions.

  1. Does it come with an SD card?  Does it have any built-in memory?
    No.  It needs an SD card no larger than 32Gb.  I’m using a 32Gb micro SDHC with adapter tray.
  2. Will it shoot a 2 minute video at night?
    No.  Night mode is limited to clips no longer than 10 seconds.
  3. Specifications state to use AA Alkaline batteries.  Only alkaline?
    The manual inside package states Alkaline or Lithium.
    What about rechargeable NiMh, or NiCad?
    Rechargeable NiMh AA batteries work fine, and I wouldn’t use NiCad anyway.  Last I checked the mA on NicAd’s are too low for any digital camera device.
  4. Does it have a 12V power port?
  5. Does it come with a 12V cord?
    No.  And so far I can not find specific power needs, such as Amperage or mA.  There is only a basic +/- polarity diagram at 12V port.
  6. How close and how big does the dang critter need to be?
    While shopping, I came to an assumption that it will sense movement up to 100 feet away.  But 100 feet night IR illumination means red light reaches out one hundred feet, not that it will detect movement at that distance.  It might be more like 25 feet for motion detection, but testing is underway.  As for 100 foot views of clearings, you’ll need to use the setting for photos taken at timed interval, and not rely of motion.
  7. How water resistant is it?
    Warranty states void if completely submersed in water.  It has a very thin rubber gasket on the body, to seal the access door.  It looks to be just fine, but notable to know it’s there and avoid any damage to it while access door is open.The plastic door and rubber stopped ports look well designed for rainfall and it looks like it might even take a decent downpour.  But sideways rain just might get in if the gasket is compromised.
  8. Do I really need to install the mini CD with software to see my photos and video?
    No.  After connecting via USB port, Windows Vista automatically found the device driver and installed.  I am able to view contents easily as through an external storage device.  However, the software appears to be very useful to navigate through large amount of footage.

There’s a lot of sites with reviews and comparison for game cameras.  I had to take an online crash course and read articles that often include sneaky paid-for endorsements.  But even after bushwhacking my way through the web, and wasting precious remote bandwidth on YouTube videos, I still had questions and had to just order it, hoping the manual would explain details down to the milli-amp, or just info on the case and box itself.

My interest in a trail or game camera is to scout for variety of wildlife and their patterns.  Unlike a hunter, I’m not looking for only big deer, but also critters as small as fox kits or maybe as random as a large owl swooping into a clearing.

I started shopping for the mythical Inexpensive-but-good, and that’s where the tricky paid endorsements appeared on website reviews.  By the time I cleared the fake reviews, I was in the $100 range, so I settled with the Browning at $120 because of HD video capability.

The web is scattered with rave reviews for Browning products, and I’m hopeful for an extra opportunity of capturing video in HD and uploading to Critter Cam on YouTube.
*Update after 3 months of use*
-Microphone is intermittent and most captures have no sound or very muted.
-Durable, waterproof for sideways rain storm with no problems, very sturdy.
-10 second night video to “save batteries” is lame considering access to 12 volt power supply is available.

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    1. It does come on at night. It uses red light to illuminate during night shots or video. It works very well and will automatically adjust to provide a well lit scene.

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