Shooting A Movie Scene In Michoacan

Then there was that time someone shot a big-budget movie scene, at this isolated beach in Mexico.  This little beach pueblo, nestled at the base of the gnar mountains of Michoacan, was once a secret spot for risk-taking surfers.  But after a couple decades, as the sport rose in popularity, the crowds eventually hit hard and the once sleepy pueblo started popping.  So much so, that watching a crew set up to shoot a scene here seemed sadly normal for the times.

Walking to the pueblo, a surfer checks out some of the lighting equipment.
A couple tourists, hanging at their campsite and about to watch the show.
I’m just about to get a talking to, from the director. No worries, no flash!
Apolinar was stoked, and had rented all his camp sites at once!
Rolling, and rolling…
The leading lady, doing a light check.

“I’ll gladly give you surf lessons tomorrow, for a kiss tonight.” Haha, nah I have no idea…