Aerial Silk, Santa Cruz Cliffs

Lily and I were on an afternoon walk along West Cliff, and we stumbled across a girl performing aerial silk.  She was winding down from her workout and routine, and I was tethered to an anxious dog, but I was captivated.  I spoke with her about collaborating and we set a date for a shoot.


I’ve seen aerial silk before, but it wasn’t nearly as scenic as this location.  A big tree, on a cliff, on the edge of the Pacific Ocean!  I guess I could hope for dolphins to jump in the distance, but I was already confident that this was going to be a great session.  Even fog couldn’t spoil this setting.

Sara, the star of the show, rode her bike up right on time and we both began setting up our gear.  We hadn’t worked out too much in advance, so the whole thing was rather spontaneous.   She had the hardest part of climbing and falling along the fabric, then pausing to hold position with balance and strength.  The light faded into golden hour and some great moments lined up to produce excellent images.  It was a zen photo shoot.