12th Annual Lonestar Rod & Kustom Roundup In Austin, Texas

0414L-058It’s not uncommon to see vintage and custom cars driving around Austin, particularly on south Congress.  They rumble onto the scene and somehow always score a great parking spot. But every year, the local scene is handed over to tons of vintage steel. The schedule for this event hardly need be checked in on, because it’s an obvious site. If you venture to any of the downtown streets, you’ll notice increased number of vintage cars and trucks.

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The official event is held at the Travis County Expo Center. For all current and historical information, visit the official website at Lone Star Roundup.com. The expo center is the place to be, if you want to see all of the best custom rods. Some of these machines don’t get taken into common automotive traffic. Also, there is plenty of entertainment with races, games, live music and more.

The scene on south congress is getting bigger every year. Not only from the custom cars parading the strip, but also the growing tourist and hipster invasion that is happening these days. When this event mixes with the SoCo hipsters and tourists, the locals driving around, and 35 police placed throughout each intersection on Congress street, oh and some orange cones, suddenly you’ve got a traffic jam that you’ll never forget!