Surfing: Is The Glass Half Empty Or All Day?

Flying gull!

How’s it go?  Silver lining to every dark cloud?  What about dark clouds for five or six days?  And rain dumping for 18 out of every 24 hours?  And flash floods at least once a day, because the ground is already soaked from a tropical storm last week.  Is there a silver lining, if you can’t see the sun for a week?

Well, most people would have been satisfied to just be able to walk outside without a storm and needing an umbrella.  Everyone enjoyed the lower temperatures, since the sun had a break from cooking dirt for a few days.  But a small group at the coast was seeing the brightest part of the silver lining.  The surfers were stoked!

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Even in the drizzle, the best part of all the monsoon weather was the wind…lack of it, to be exact.  Combined with a solid east groundswell, the surf at South Padre Island was finally able to stand up and glass off.  And it did it for three days straight!  A very rare event in a place where the wind is almost always cranking onshore.

At the start of the stormy weather, there were plenty of moments with strong winds from the NE.  Pretty much blowing it out for the day, but that was after a solid morning session of glass.  Then the same thing the next day.  Good surf and glassy morning until after lunch, then NE wind and back to East by the end of the day.  With rain dumping all the time, with or without the wind.  Backyards were flooding and the frogs were grinding all night.

After five days of no sun, it finally broke out with golden beams during a mildly offshore afternoon session.  The surf had been so consistent that aside from choosing a time with less than a downpour, you could actually check the flags and wait for the SW wind between rain showers, before heading to the jetties for a surf session.