Kayaking in Port Isabel

Words and Photos by Chuck Turkington

A late afternoon kayak tour in the “fingers” of Port Isabel, Texas.


kayaking in port isabel texas
Katya paddling near Hwy 100 bridge in Port Isabel.

Just a quick spin through town.  We set out around 6 o’clock, from North Shore in Port Isabel.  Made the turn at the McAffee Mansion and took the channel into town.  The tide was moving out, so it was a breeze to go against the SE wind.  Our main goal was to hopefully spot some dolphins, but also to see the small town of Port Isabel from the inside out, so to speak.

Most of the view in the fingers is of people’s backyards…their garages.  It’s the equivalent of cruising an alley-way, except that these garages are housing boats right on the water!  There are also a couple of public boat ramps and the shrimp basin is connected at the end of the line.  It’s an interesting view of the area.  You’ll spot plenty of life along the tidal edges, like birds flying and floating or red crabs hiding in oyster beds.  You’ll also see the industry and recreation side of the people, all from a duck’s-eye-view just above the surface of the water.