Surfing: Session @ South Padre 4/18

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After an eight-day week of SE swell, the winds finally turned to clean up the mess on Sunday morning. A cool front worked it’s way down to the South Padre area in the morning and early risers scored the best conditions under a light NW breeze.  The size was on it’s way down fast, but those last two hours of glassy conditions are pretty much what many surfers around here wait for.


The outside sand bar was still working in the morning, where all the action had been in the previous days, but as the size went down on Sunday it became less consistent and headed for a shutdown.  There was a handful of surfers out there, but most of the line up was nabbing waist-chest high thumpers on the inside.  Jalufka scored a killer little barrel around mid-morning.   Check out the entire sequence of Justin’s cover up as an animated .gif file.  Click Here.