Random Encounters in Mexico: Sepp Bruhwiler and Shannon Brown.

Woke up and found the morning lineup had some fresh people out.  You never know who filters in during the night.  Well, you used to back when it was a small, concentrated camp area.  But also back in the day no one took the mountain road at night, but I digress.  I see someone new out there laying hard tail turns and surfing hard on the back foot.  Powerful and buckets on head high waves.

Another guy on it, taller and slimmer but also powerful and bonus graceful style.

After they come in I do my social greet and hope for a sale.  Of course they are sponsored but I kinda flipped a notch when I find out it’s Billabong.  Even better, one of the guys is Sepp Bruhwiler, a Canadian surfer..as in always wearing a wetsuit.  I just scored some epic shots of him surfing in shorts, somewhere in Mexico.  This is great.

The taller guy is Shannon Brown, also from Canada but his foundation is in Australia.  Noah Cohen is another ripper traveling with them, and finally a kid named Martin.  All of them surfed killer and got my attention, so I followed them around for a few days.

I ultimately netted one sale to Billabong Canada, of one image.  It went for industry standard and I was stoked.  They were a blast to hang with and when the size went down the next day, they hit the shore pound almost as good as I’ve seen.