Surfing: Winter Session @ Mexico, January 2008

Words and Photos by Chuck Turkington

surfer in mexico
Unknown taking it to the inside grind of a decent swell in Mexico.

You should have been here tomorrow. That’s all I can say to all my Texas buddies that split after new year’s. Yeah, I know…not all of us are able to take vacations based on swell maps but what a difference a little west makes in a north swell. At least it wasn’t flat during anyone’s visit.

After surfing head high and under for almost a month, some size finally found it’s way down here. Nothing crazy, but it did take away 30 feet of beach right in front of my camp.  Should be exciting for me if another sizeable swell hits. I may have to move…

surfer in central mexico
Unknown on a wave in central mexico

Paolo Schulte sticks a solid bottom turn.