Surfing Tropical Storm Alberto

Shawn Cooksey devouring pockets on the inside.

For such a disorganized spinner, Tropical Storm Alberto sure did kick up some corduroy lines. Mid-Gulf buoys were tapping the six foot mark at 11 seconds as the east swell marched toward the Texas coast. The swell came in on Monday, June 12th and would gradually fade to 3 foot at 10 seconds for the next two days. A weak low pressure system dipped down past the Lone Star State and briefly changed local winds to offshores, creating some early morning perfection on Tuesday.

James Walters, threading sections and swimmers.
James Walters, threading sections and swimmers.

If this is any sign of things to come, the answer to the question could very well be yes, get a semi-gun and start getting in shape. Some local surfers are keeping a bit of reserve, pointing out how it is not uncommon that the first couple of spinners can be responsible for the best surf of the whole season. Sometimes it just lines up better with stable early-summer weather patterns. Also, the threat of red tide grows with each hot summer day. Some of the later season storms can be almost too big, creating victory at sea conditions. One thing is certain, if mother nature is going to throw some summer lines at the Texas coast, they will be greeted anxiously by a waiting crowd.

Nicole Ekstrom enjoying the glide on the outside.
Keith gaffs one during the first evening session.