Surfing Mexico, November 2005

Another trip down south!

Sunset over the Pacific, from a beach in Mexico.
Another beautiful sunset presents itself when we arrive.

A good longtime friend of mine, Steve Vineyard, and I took a trip to our favorite southern surf spot.  Steve only had two weeks and then he had to head back to the “cold” southern Texas Winter on South Padre Island.  But since I’ve become a beach bum in training, and photographer/writer, I had the resources to stay for a couple months.  Enough time to soak in the sun and waves!

When we first arrived, surf was already decent size.  Coming from South Texas, anything over chest high is “big”.  Being that I was there to photograph the surfers, I spotted the talent rigth away.  Aside from the usual local talent, the only standout was Dillon Horst, from San Luis de Obispo.  Of course, I didn’t know his name when I snapped this shot, but I made it a point to find out the next day or two…

Dillion Horst Surfing Mexico Pacific
Dillon Horst pops the fins out on the final hit.

loading coconut palm leaves
Workers load up leaves from coconut palms for a palapa.